A great gift: rum-raisin cookies

rum-raisin cookiesA great gift to yourself that is 🙂 These are absolutely delicious! I found the recipe in the Oxfam Christmas catalogue. I always browse it as it’s full of great gift ideas, and this year it also contained a few recipes (for which you can buy most ingredients in their store of course). When I say this one, I knew it was a winner straight away! I made it as a gift for my great-uncle, but after tasting them (as you can see in the picture, the “chef’s cookie” is already missing from action), I decided to keep quite a few for myself too… sooooo good!

Here’s how to make them: heat 150 g raisins in a mixture of 120 g water and 60 gram dark rum until it’s almost boiling. Leave to simmer for 30 min until almost all the liquid is gone. Pour through a sieve and leave to cool for 30 min.

Heat the oven to 180 C. Mix 120 g softened butter with 150 g light muscovado sugar (I used the one you need for Mojitos but I’m sure it will work with regular sugar as well) until light and fluffy. Add 1 egg and mix until fully incorporated. Stir in a pinch of salt followed by 250 g self-raising flour in 5 batches. You may need to do this by hand for the final batches. Finally, add the raisins and mix for another 30 seconds (or use your hands again). Put balls of the dough on a prepared baking sheet and flatten them a little with your hand. Bake for 12-15 min until the edges are light brown. Leave to cool on the baking sheet for 5 min before transferring to a wire-rack to cool completely. A great gift alongside a bottle of rum, if you still want to give them away after tasting them that is! Enjoy!

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