A great gift: chocolate truffles

I needed a gift for a late Easter lunch invitation. Usually, I go with cookies as they are so fast to make and always a winner. But for a festive occasion I wanted something with a bit more glam and came across this recipe in a recent GoodFood magazine. I have several recipes for truffles, but I really like this one as it only contains chocolate and cream. Other recipes I’ve come across also add butter and sugar, but I think that’s a bit too much of the good stuff!

I’ll get to the recipe in a minute, but I first wanted to introduce something new: music. In my house, there is always music and the first thing I do when I start cooking is putting some music one. Meals are always accompanied with music too, so I thought it only natural to start adding music to my blog. So for each recipe, I’ll give a tip for a song to listen to when enjoying your homemade goodies!

Now it’s time to get you started on those truffles: gently heat 150 ml double cream (use cream with at least 33% fat contents) in a pan. When hot (almost boiling), remove the pan from the heat and leave to stand for 1 min. Add 100 g dark chocolate (chopped into small pieces) and 100 g milk chocolate (chopped into small pieces as well) and stir until melted and smooth. Pour the mixture into a bowl and chill in the fridge until firm (overnight is easiest).

Put 2 tbsp of cacao powder in a bowl and put 50 g chopped hazelnuts in another bowl. Take your firm chocolate and spoon a teaspoon on your hand and roll to a ball. Now put it in the bowl with the cacao and toss it around to coat. Repeat with the rest of the chocolate and either coat it in nuts or in cacao. Keep in the fridge until ready to serve.

The ideal song to play while enjoying this treat is very obvious so no surprises there, it has to be Chocolate salty balls by Chef from Southpark, have fun!


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