Quick and easy: strawberries with balsamic vinegar

strawberries with balsamic vinegarMy parents came for dinner recently and with my busy schedule I hadn’t been able to prepare a dessert ahead the night before. So I needed something quick yet still delicious and I remembered this recipe. It was very hot for a while so I never tried it (too cliché) but it seemed a good choice now as it meant I could use up some left over basil in one go. I found the recipe in an old Jamie Oliver cookbook, but I adapted it slightly. It went down a treat!

For 4 people, hull 500 g strawberries and cut them in half. Put them in a bowl and 2 hours before serving add  5 tbsp sugar and 8 tbsp balsamic vinegar (the recipe called for 10, but this seemed more than enough). Give it a good stir and leave to marinate.

In a separate bowl, mix 400 g mascarpone with the seeds of 1 vanilla pod and 2 bags of vanilla sugar (or 20 g caster sugar). You can do this right before serving.

Put a big spoon of mascarpone on each plate, top with a generous serving of strawberries and finish with a bit of shredded basil leaves or mint leaves. Enjoy while listening to Oh my gosh by Basement Jaxx feat. Vula Malinga.

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