Summer in a glass: raspberry & lemon mess

raspberry and lemon messIt was really hot, too hot to cook, let alone bake! Too hot for ice cream even (yes, that really is possible), so what to serve for dessert? I decided on a raspberry and lemon mess. To be fair, the recipe I found in my recent copy of GoodFood stated blackberries, but my fridge content decided otherwise. I still had meringues left, so this became a quick and easy refreshing dessert!

For 6 large portions, tip 600 ml whipping cream into a large bowl, add 3 tbsp icing sugar and whip until soft peaks that hold their shape (whipping cream takes longer than whipping egg whites – make sure the cream is coming straight from the fridge, you can only whip it when cold). You can do this beforehand and chill the whipped cream until ready to serve.

To serve, dollop 6 tbsp lemon curd over the whipped cream (tip: put the lemon curd in the fridge beforehand, so your dessert stays cool), crumble over some meringues (so easy to make, or just use the shop bought version), scatter over 200 g raspberries (or use blackberries, strawberries or mixed berries instead). Fold together with a large spatula or spoon, just a few times to marble everything through. As the name suggest, it can look messy! Divide between 6 glassed and decorate with some leftover berries. Enjoy while listening to Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter.

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