Foolproof favourite: tiramisu

TiramisuMy grandmother called yesterday: her TV didn’t work anymore. And so I found myself making tiramisu again… It’s my grandmother’s favourite dessert, she loves it so much, that she has taken to “ordering” it. I get a phone call of her chatting away, and after a while she will ask if it’s possible to make tiramisu for 1 person. I then say I think it is, and she will then tell me to try it, she will volunteer to eat it. Since I had to go over the fix the TV issue (which was no issue at all of course), I made her her favourite dessert. She happily took it from me and hid it in the fridge, she doesn’t make the mistake to offer it to any guests, all the more for her! So here is her favourite recipe:

Make 1, 25 dl strong coffee and set aside to cool. Meanwhile, split 4 eggs and mix the egg yolks in a bowl with 100 g icing sugar and 2o ml Amaretto (a good splash). Add 500 g mascarpone and mix again until most lumps are gone. Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and beat them until stiff (the salt will help it stiffen more quickly). Turn the bowl upside down to make sure the egg whites are as stiff as they can get, and then fold them in the mascarpone mix. Take a deep serving bowl (square is easier, but any shape will do). One by one, dip a third of 200 g boudoirs or ladyfingers in the coffee and cover the bottom of the bowl with a layer. Add a third of the mascarpone mix. Repeat this 2 more times, ending with the mascarpone mix on top.

Put in the fridge for 2 to 4 hours or overnight. I personally like it best like this, but if you want a more “authentic” look, you can dust the top with 3 tbsp cacao powder before serving. Enjoy while listening to Marina by Rocco Granata (also a Belgian twist to an Italian classic!).

For a modern twist on this classic, replace the ladyfingers and coffee by speculaas or opt for a summer version with fresh raspberries.

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