Fresh and tasty: strawberry smoothie

Strawberry smoothieI’m a bit behind on my blogging but I had a very good reason: the weather was great! I promise, in Belgium that is a damn good reason and one we cannot use very often… On those days there is only one thing to do straight away: procrastinate! So that’s what I did all day long on Sunday (that and hanging in the park with some friends and a DJ in the background). Of course we needed some refreshments to accompany all that laziness, so I went for this strawberry smoothie. I got the recipe from a colleague who really is the soups and smoothies queen. I know this because I’m part of the happy few who can enjoy the leftovers! Here’s how to make it:

Cut about 250 g strawberries and put them in a blender with the juice of 2 limes, a small handful of fresh mint leaves and half a can of Canada Dry. Blend and pour into glasses (you’ll get 2-3 glasses from this). Do give it a try, the Canada Dry makes it really fresh and it becomes sort of a cross between a smoothie and a lemonade. Of course it’s best to do this with fruit that comes from the fridge for extra freshness. Enjoy!

taste of summer: fruity juice

minty juiceI thought it was about time to start including drinks in my blog as well. I occasionally make my own drinks, ranging from variations of hot chocolate over ice tea to pink lemonade and all kinds of smoothies and mocktails. Especially during summer nothing beats the fresh taste of a cool homemade drink. This time, I drank a delicious juice over lunch at one of my favourite hangouts in Mechelen: Beans. They call this drink the Mint Mix. It seemed the perfect accompaniment for my bagel (it was) and I immediately wanted more… so I tried it myself!

Here’s how: add a small handful of mint leaves, a squeeze of honey, the juice of 3-4 limes and 1/2 l freshly squeezed orange juice (you can cheat with shop bought, but as it’s sweeter, you may need more lime juice) to the blender, mix and pour (or store in the fridge until ready to drink). Enjoy while listening to Summer Nights from the Grease movie: summer feeling guaranteed!